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Today, we’re excited to tell you all about one of our recent remodeling projects! Our team completed a major renovation at the 7 Clans Hotel & Casino in Thief River Falls, MN. Since it opened in 2001, the interior of the hotel had never seen an update. So, it’s safe to say it was time! The project included renovating 152 rooms, including an executive suite, and common areas. We also updated the front entry and lobby to make it more inviting to visitors. The Red Lake Tribal Council not only wanted to honor their tribe but to also create a place both employees and guests were excited to spend their time.

Project Goals:

  • Update the rooms and common spaces to better represent their brand
  • Create spaces that entice guests to experience new facilities
  • Add more king rooms
  • Update and add more ADA rooms to be more functional and accessible

With so much to do, our team was eager to get started!

Project Details

One of the first things we did during this renovation was update the previous color palette, which included a lot of dark colors. Our goal was to create a more modern design with bright, welcoming colors. So, the new color palette included blues, warm greys, and rich wood tones.

With a color palette nailed down, we were able to begin overhauling the rooms to create a more comfortable and functional design. Each room got a fresh coat of paint and new flooring. In the main living area, we installed a low-maintenance carpet tile. In the bathroom, luxury vinyl plank replaced the existing tile floor and all of the plumbing fixtures were updated. The hotel’s suites also included jetted tubs, which were underutilized by guests. Instead of replacing the tubs, we removed them to create space for a kitchenette in each suite. To complete the new room design, we added brand new furniture and replaced the outdated curtains with sophisticated roller shades.

Our team also converted a large meeting room to create an exclusive suite reserved for VIP guests. Designed with high-end finishes, the suite is the perfect treat for VIP guests! It includes a private king room, as well as a spacious common area with a fireplace and two queen sleeper sofas. Rounding out the suite’s design is a kitchenette and dining area.

Next up, our team got to work updating the common areas. While the hotel’s rooms and corridors are rather large, they were very dark due to poor lighting. To remedy this issue, we replaced the existing light fixtures with LED fixtures. This one update had such a big impact! In addition to brightening up the rooms and corridors, it has the added benefit of being energy efficient.

In the lobby, we updated the stone fireplace with a new mantle and swapped out the old furniture with new pieces. The new furniture really helped to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests to lounge by the fireplace. New artwork can be found throughout the hotel as well. Representing the heritage of the Red Lake people was important, so we utilized custom artwork featuring photos of Red Lake.

Project Challenges

While we couldn’t be more thrilled about how the project turned out, there were also some challenges along the way. Blending the original lodge style with the new design’s modern details was difficult. The existing design utilized large pine logs on the building’s exterior as well as in interior common areas like the lobby and corridors. We ended up removing the logs from the corridors and replacing them with 1×8 wood material to frame the openings and created a more modern chair rail with 1x4s.

Another challenge was timing. The hotel and casino remained open during the remodel so we had to find a way to work without disturbing day to day activities. To ensure as many rooms as possible remained available, we worked floor by floor. We also worked on the lobby at night so we wouldn’t be in the way of guests.

Overall, the project went fairly smoothly and we’re proud to say we completed the entire remodel on time and on budget. From start to finish, the remodel took about six months to complete. Our team really loved working with the people of Red Lake! From the very first day, everyone was so welcoming and it was clear they all cared about creating and maintaining a beautiful place for their guests to stay. Everyone was willing to jump in and get their hands dirty, which really helped the project keep on track. By the end of the remodel, we truly felt like one big family!

Before Photos

hotel room

hotel room

lobby restaurant-fireplace

Hotel Lobby; front desk

After Photos

Hotel room remodel, coffee bar, espresso furniture piece, quartz countertops - Julkowski inc.

Hotel room remodel, bathroom remodel, quartz countertops, LED lights, Delta faucets, luxury vinyl flooring - Julkowski inc.

Hotel corridor remodel, espresso wood, carpet squares, chair rail, LED lighting - Julkowski inc.

Hotel Lobby renovation at 7 Clans Casino and Hotel in Thief River Falls. MN Casino - Julkowski inc.

Hotel lobby renovation, custom S-curve sofa, custom railing, carpet squares, Hom Furniture - Julkowski inc.

Hotel Lobby; front desk

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