Radiant in-floor heat is not only one of the most comfortable forms of heat, but it is one of the most efficient– heating objects in a space rather than the air.  Once the objects are heated they require very little energy to maintain their temperature.  This type of heat is also extremely comfortable.  Imagine having warm feet even on one of the coldest nights in Minnesota.

For cooling, our favorite product is a duct-free system called a mini-split.  It is made up of two units: an indoor unit to deliver conditioned air to the room, and an outdoor unit to remove heat collected from the space. The compact refrigerant lines run between the two units and eliminate the need for ductwork. Duct-free systems are ideal for older homes that have no duct-work, room additions, or areas in home that just never seem to be the right temperature.

LG carries some new and very attractive units for the interior. One is the Art Cool Gallery where you can insert a piece of art into the frame and the air is pushed out around the edges of the picture. You would never even know it was an air conditioning unit unless you looked at it directly from the side.  The other is the ceiling cassette – perfect for rooms where wall space is limited or if you just don’t want the unit to be as noticeable.  Mini-split units run off a reverse heat pump and have the capability to heat the home even when the temperature outside gets to 10 degrees below zero.

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