Your powder room may be small but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring!  Think outside the box and have a little fun with color and pattern to transform the space into a showpiece.  We’ve put together a list of designer tips to help you get started.

Bold Tile

Powder rooms are the perfect place to splurge!  They’re smaller than a full bath so less tile is needed to create an eye-catching design.  Go bold with pattern and texture such as hexagon or wood grain tiles.  Install the tile from floor to ceiling to create extra drama.  For a more subtle look, opt for a timeless classic like white subway tile installed in an unexpected pattern such as herringbone.

Vivid Colors

Add some drama to your powder room design with vivid wall colors.  Jewel tones and dark navy pair well with a variety of design elements and add a touch of decadence that’s hard to beat.

Textured Wallpaper

Unlike a full bath, which has a higher moisture content, the powder room is the ideal place to play around with wallpaper.  There are many colors and styles to choose from but opting for a textured wallpaper in a high-impact design can totally transform your powder room!


Lighting is a great way to elevate your powder bathroom design.  Typically, powder room lighting consists of a single vanity light or two sconces.  Think of these fixtures as art and consider the sculptural qualities each piece can bring to the space.

Gold Hardware

Vanity hardware is a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade your powder room design.  Gold hardware, in particular, can add a sophisticated touch and looks elegant when paired with dark vanity colors. For an even bigger impact, incorporate other gold accents like sconces and exposed plumbing.

Oversized Mirrors

Create the illusion of a larger space by hanging an oversized mirror.  Just be sure the balance between mirror and vanity are in check.

Pretty and Functional Decor

The final touch is decor.  Add crisp white towels and fresh flowers as an easy way to complement any design scheme.  As a functional element, add an oil diffuser or candle and a basket of special soaps and lotions to keep your guests happy.

Planning a remodel or looking for inspiration for your next home?  We’d love to help!  Contact our team to get started.

powder room with pink and wallpaper


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